About Crypto123

Crypto123 is focused on the development of Crypto currency and block chain technology. The team members are made up of some of the world's block chain technology geeks, which are dedicated to promoting the best development of cryptocurrency and block open source communities.

Geek Team

We are composed of some block chains and Bitcoin technology geeks, the team members from the world's top IT companies

Crypto Trade Platform

Focus on the development of Crypto Currency related applications, specially crypto trade platform.

Fast and Efficient

Fast and efficient cooperation, the deployment of Crypto Trade Platform (trading, financial, contract, exchange, entertainment) application services.

Open Source Code

Our all Crypto Trade script are opensource, so it means you can develop it more.

Crypto Trade Solutions

Crypto Trade Platform • Block Explorer • Crypto Webwallet • Altcoin Development(POW+POS) • Official Website for Cryptocoin
Crypto eShop • Crypto Node • Crypto Casino

Cryptocoin Trade Platform

The special currency trading platform is based on the management system of full-service design, such as the issuance, management and transaction of digital money. On the basis of the original coin trading system, it builds new product and technology structure independently. In the perfect transaction mechanism, And the management, system security protection level, financing, financing, leveraged financial trading system, platform to promote operational mechanisms, hardware and software integration and other aspects of the creation of more possibilities, in the optimization of core functions, based on the provision of more high Value of products and services, is a trusted enterprise application partner.
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Bitcoin Investment Script

Bitcoin financial platform for digital money to provide safe and reliable investment and financial services. Bit code will be committed to the development of digital money, to provide customers with comprehensive, professional digital money management services, providing savings business, including digital currency current savings, regular savings; to provide P2P loan management, including digital money lending; Mine financial management, with a digital currency cloud computing financial management.
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Bitcoin Lottery platform

Bit coin lottery platform is a professional, fair, honest, win-win entertainment platform! Use the world can be the most popular circulation, payment and the most secure in the history of the network virtual currency bit currency! The introduction of the world's most popular bitcoin crypto system, is a professional bitcurrency game entertainment platform!!

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Win-Win - Partner Promotion plan

Block chain - subversion of reality, triggering a technological revolution, We and you master the future! !
Crypto123 in the global launch of the partner program, partners will enjoy the rich reward returns and product discounts.


Product Advantages

Crypto123 has excellent technical strength, all products carefully polished, with good technical specifications, bit code is also open source part of the outstanding projects to jointly promote the development of block community open source community.

Off-line Storage

Offline storage way to save, through the physical way to achieve the isolation of funds and the network, greatly enhance the financial security level.

Server Security

In the server to install security alarm system and real-time monitoring system, the establishment of high-level server security level.

Https Network Protocol

Https network protocol for data transmission, website traffic running fully encrypted SSL (HTTPS)

Wallet encryption

Wallets (and private keys) use AES-256 encrypted storage to create higher security for the platform.

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If you are a Bitcoin geek guys just like Crypto123 Team, send your information to us, we are warmly welcome you join us.

Pls send your CV to support@crypto123.com thanks :)

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“The swarm is headed towards us”
– Satoshi Nakamoto, when WikiLeaks started accepting Bitcoin donation.

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