Old School Runescape Lunar Diplomacy Overview

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Lunar Diplomacy is not a very easy quest, it is understandable that most people are having trouble completing it. Lunar Diplomacy OSRS is a quest that focuses on the conflict between the Fermenniks of the mainland and the Moon Clan.

I am hoping that with this article I will be able to explain to you - How to complete what is the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest?


Requirements For Lunar Diplomacy OSRS

Before you can begin on the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest you need to complete additional quests. these are The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion. In addition, you should be able for access to your Air, Earth, Fire and Runecrafting altars for water.


And to kill multiple level 111 monsters, skills needed to complete this Lunar Diplomacy quest are 61 Crafting, 40 Defense 49 Firemaking, 55 Mining, 65 Magic, along with 55 Woodcutting.


Essential items

First, you need all the elemental talismans, or their respective tiaras Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, or an elemental talisman as well as access to the Abyss. You need a bullseye lantern If you're unable to get one, bring the swamp tar as well as a means to reach the lamp oil.


Next, you need runes to win the final boss fight. Lunar equipment is required to be worn, other items necessary for Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest are the tinderbox Guam leaf, marrentill, pestle and mortar, hammer two spools needle any axe, spade, pickaxe or staff, combat gear.


Essential Items and Skills Learn How to Acquire Them

Perhaps the most alarming part of the whole Lunar Diplomacy quest is the necessity of many different things and skills just to start it. It's truly awe-inspiring how many different items are needed in this very long quest, not including the hefty level of grinding for different skills that you'll need.


That said, I get that it's one of the higher-level quests you can do in OSRS. In the present, there are many requirements to show that you can't just go up and start this quest at any time. You must earn your way to this Lunar Isle region, but it's well worth the effort. This is how you can get all of the items and skills for this quest.


How Do I Receive Coins And Tinderbox


The first thing you'll need is an adequate amount of coins. We recommend around 1000 to perhaps 1500 coins to ensure you're able to purchase everything you'll need for your mission. Regardless, this is the easiest part since there is probably plenty of coins at this stage. If not take out your adversaries, sell items via the Grand Exchange, and so on to acquire what you need.


The tinderbox is relatively easy and you might already have it in your account or in your inventory. In the event that not, an general store can be used for buying one. These two are some of the easiest things you'll need during this hunt.


Guam Leaf And Marrentill The Truth About Guam Leaf and Marrentill

The Guam leaf, and marrentills are two of the essential items you require to complete the quest. This can be a bit difficult as they both have to do with the Herblore ability. There are various ways to go in the direction of acquiring either of the items. It all depends on your preferences.


Both solutions are the same for both, and include drops of the Suqah enemy on Moonclan Island. This isn't a good option because the enemies are so high-level, and the drops aren't guaranteeable. If you prefer, you can opt to build them yourself or buy them.


The first will require you to have a minimum of three or five Herblore to make both items. It's fairly simple and you may already have enough Herblore expertise to make it. If not, or you're lazy like me, just buy Guam leaf and marrentill. Guam leaf and marrentill from the Grand Exchange for a handful of coins.


Pestle Hammer, Pestle, And More Tools explained


Following that, we've got the mortar and pestle. A good number of Herblore and general store stores carry this item, but you can also pick it up off the GE like always. If you're an regular Herblore user, it's likely that you already have one of them in your possession.


For the hammer and axe, any of the old models can be used here and you can purchase these items from the majority of general stores or GE for immediate purchases. In fact, the Lunar Isle general shop stocks some of these items make sure you look there if you need to.


The pickaxe and the spade are similar tales. Any of them can be used and you don't require a special version or anything like that. They can be purchased from the general store during the quest or prior to it or in advance, depending on the one you like.


Thread And Needle The Needle and Thread

Threads and needles are yet more items that you'll require for this task. Similar to the other set in tools two are ones that are so frequent that you might already have them. If not, you could purchase them during the quest itself or from the Grand Exchange if you want to prepare for everything beforehand.


What OSRS Needs To Be Tackled Next?


Now that you are done with this Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest, it is time to start your next adventure. I would strongly suggest that you tackle The Feud in the desert If you haven't done so already. They're not just about settling disputes between two conflicting factions however, The Feud is quite hilarious as a stand-alone show.