How do I Complete OSRS Monkey Madness 2

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Monkey madness 2 OSRS is the quest that nobody likes, but as always we don't have much choice. The quest, aside from driving you crazy gives pretty good rewards and experience. Glough the war criminal who is bent on eliminating humans and the overthrow of Gielinor has escaped from th

Glough must be identified and stopped since he is able to create large-scale conflicts and wars within his path. King Narnode Shareen is in need of your assistance and let the chaos begin.


Items required for the quest

It is recommended to have these items to complete the quest: Magic logs, Food (monkfish more or less), Stamina potions, prayer potions, Antidote+ or Serpentine Helm, a great weapon, clothing that reduces weight such as Graceful attire and armour that has a high level of Melee/Ranged Defence and an emergency teleport that can be activated with one click.


Additional items required for various elements in the Monkey Madness 2 osrs quest Grapes, a lemon pestle and mortar pickaxe, Logs Light source for a hammer, chisel or hammer. M'speak amulet, monkey talisman the ninja monkey's greegree the slash weapon.


The Last Chapter

Go to the King Narnode Shareen. Inform him that the Gnome Stronghold will be under attack in the near future. You'll be then requested to seek help from Nieve You can find near the Slayer cave at the stronghold. She will agree if you seek her help However, you must know about the tortured gorillas that are found within the stronghold.


Talk to the King once more and you'll hear it is the 10th Squad will handle the situation, allowing you and Nieve to speak to Glough who is at the site of the crash. You should now go to the grand tree, then move to the northwest, and talk to Garkor. Go through the crash site until you arrive at a cave, and be careful around the tortured gorillas.


In the cavern, you are greeted by demonic and tortured gorillas living in the cave. Glough will inhale mutagen which transforms him after Glough knocks Nieve away who is then devastated by a massive boulder. This leaves you to take on Glough on your own where the fight will take place in three caves.


In the cavern that is the first, you can find a safespot so that you can sit and wait until Glough to move into another room. Once he's in another room then try to lure him to go back to the initial room. Head along the north wall and you'll be able to find a safe area in which you can use ranged and magic attacks. Go to the last room and utilize Protect from Melee when you decide to use a more precise approach. For ranged methods, Protect from Magic can aid.


Once you have defeated Glough and defeated him, you'll be outside of the cavern , which is collapsed. Tell Zooknock Nieve died battling Glough, and you will be transported to King Narnode and let him know that Glough has been defeated. He will inform you that he received the message that Awowogei is working on a peace treaty between the Ape Atoll and the mainland. This will end the hunt.


Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing your Monkey Madness 2 OSRS quest, you will receive Four quest point. There is also a lot of XP to accumulate, including 15,000 in Thieving and Hunter skills, 20,000 Agility, and 25,000 for Slayer. You can now access the Crash Site Caverns and communicate with monkeys without the requirement for the monkeyspeak amulet. NPCs in Ape Atoll will no longer be threatening to you, even without the monkey GreeGrees.


Question: What's the Most Difficult Quest in OSRS?

Answer: Although many would say it's possible that Monkey Madness II would be among the top, we believe there is a consensus to say that dragonslayer II is the hardest quest available in OSRS. You'll require 200 quest points as well as almost all of the main stats before you can even think about starting this quest.

There are numerous obstacles, perilous areas to explore challenges to overcome and finally the player will have to battle a series of dragon bosses, with one of these enemies with a combat skill of 608 and featuring four distinct battle scenes. Therefore, in the end you're going to encounter a lot of difficulty here.


Question: What Video Game Series Is Referenced in this Quest Line?

Answer: If you're not conscious, OSRS is partial to a pop culture reference, and isn't a particularly relevant reference to be precise.

The game is a reference to popular game shows or movies, books, films and other media and in the case of the Monkey Madness Quest, it refers to the well-known point-and-click program, Monkey Island.

Many will be aware of the amazing Escape from Monkey Island point and click series. You will also be aware of the distinctive hand-drawn cartoon art style.

In this quest line, players will be able see the similarities to the game's style of art and hence the chapter cards for the quest. Additionally, many of the cut scenes feature both indirect and direct references to the series that will provide a nice Easter egg for players of older generations who enjoy the quest.


Questions: Was this Quest Really Created By One Person?

Answer Yes, it was. It was conceived by an employee who was able to complete this task in the space of one summer, while working for Jagex. But, what might shock you is the fact that this person was just a temporary intern working for Jagex over the summer time.

They have managed to produce an extremely beloved and difficult quests in the franchise's history. And while we're not sure who the person was, we do hope that they were offered an employment contract that was full-time in exchange for the effort they put into it.

So that is our essential guide on the master difficulty OSRS game, Monkey Madness. What do you think of this guide? Was it informative and helpful for you?