Runescape Lost City Quest 2023

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Lost City is a quest concerning the fairy land Zanaris. Some adventurers have established a an camp at Lumbridge Swamp, claiming to be seeking the mystical lost city. Find out the truth behind this claim and gain entry to the moon that is Gielinor, Zanaris.

Searching for the lost City


Head to Lumbridge Swamp and locate a group of adventurers, a wizard, archer, warrior and a monk sitting around a campfire, near Father Urhney's home. Chat with the warrior and ask what he is doing. When he refuses to tell you what he is doing, ask:


1. Why are you camping in this area?

2. What's it that makes you think it's out here?

3. If it's not visible, how are you trying to locate it?

4. It appears that you don't also.


The leprechaun's tree

Look for a swamp tree located to the east of camp. The first tree is to the west of Father Urhney's home. The tree is easily recognized, since it's the sole tree to have an option "Chop Swamp Tree" instead of "Chop down Swamp tree". Chop the tree and the leprechaun named Shamus jumps out. You ask Shamus what he can do to get to Zanaris and he will tell you that you need a dramen staff. To obtain this you must cut down a tree inside of the Entrana Dungeon, and at the end of the conversation, the man offers to bring your onto the Port Sarim docks.


Entrana has a strict policy of nonaggression. That means weapons and armour, combat auras and some magical items are not able to be brought into Entrana. But it is possible bring the essential ingredients for creating weapons and armour, such as leather or dragonleather and thread as well as bowstring and logs for ranged gear, spider silk, batwing and mystic cloth thread to make the Wand. Other useful items to bring are ammo like arrows and runes, which can be taken onto Entrana already made, clothes such as monk, priest, Citharede or druid for prayer booster, potions food items, an emergency teleport and Ring of Life. See here for a full list of the items allowed.


Take your choice of items to Port Sarim, talk to the monks at the dock, and head to Entrana. Do not create your items as of now, or you'll be scrutinized and disqualified from getting on the ship.


When you get off on the water at Entrana prepare and equip your weapon and armour, take a left turn, then run north past the temple and west after the bridge. The monk is next to a cave's entry point. The tools made here will not be a cause for exile to the mainland.


Once you've gone to the bottom of this cave, the only way out is through an exit that goes south to Draynor Village. After you're done, you can talk to the monk , and then enter the Dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, your prayer is reduced by 100-400 points.


The cave will be explored until you see some greater demons, and a cave to the south. Go past the demons to this cave and cut down the Dramen tree using your hatchet.


A level of 63 Dramen tree spirit appears. It is possible to attempt to attack the tree spirit, but it can hit up to 200 precisely and absorbs the majority of melee attacks therefore plenty of food, such as lobster, is suggested. There is a safe spot at the southern wall between 3 mushrooms, where you can spot trap and then strike her while running back to the secure area to avoid injury. It is prone to fire spells, therefore it is recommended that the Fire Bolt spell or above should be used with a imp horn wandor spider the wand, batwing and mystic wand. Lower level runes can be bought in Port Sarim on the way to Entrana.

If the battle takes over too long, spirit of the tree returns to the tree and completely recovers.


It is also possible to have multiple people attack the tree spirit.


Once the tree spirit is defeated then cut the tree to get a dramen branch. Make the dramen branch into a dramen staff to get a dramen staff. If you plan on doing Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Sir Amik Varze, then you'll have to grind the dramen branch of Sir Amik Varze.


For the first part of the quest, head towards the southwest from Father Urhney's house until you find a campsite which has several adventure. Talk to the warrior and select the choices that challenge his authority and he will reveal that they are looking for a leprechaun which can help them locate the lost cities of Zanaris.


Then, walk to the west of the camp and attempt to chop down the tree in the swamp using the option of 'chop tree. A Leprechaun named Shamus will appear, you can speak to them and inquire how you can find the missing Zanaris city. Zanaris. He will explain that you will need to find a staff that can be made from a dramen limb for access to the city. There is a Dramen tree located on Entrana when you are done talking to the leprechaun he'll invite you to teleport to the docks of Port Sarim. If you've got all the necessary items to complete the quest already you can accept the teleport in case you don't have a bank.


Contact any of the monks at the Port Sarim dock and after searching for a few minutes, they'll allow you to journey to Entrana. Since the monks are forbidden to carry any weapon or armor in Entrana, you must bring along your non-completed combat gear to take on the tree spirit of level 63.


Once you have arrived on Entrana take a left through the church, and then go across the bridge to the northwestern portion of Entrana. Attempt to go down the ladder that you will find However, the Cave Monk will be able to stop you and warn you to be cautious should you attempt to descend, because there is no way to climb again up, on top of that the effect of prayer are significantly reduced after you've gone down. Informing the Cave Monk that you're willing to risk it, climb through the ladder.


When you are down, take the path which runs through the level 29 Zombies until you reach a group of level 82 Greater demons. South of Greater Demons is a cave that is home to the Dramen tree in it Run to it. Create any armor or weapons before trying to cut the tree. Once made, cut the tree and an 63 level Dramen Tree Spirit will appear. If you are using Ranged or Magic attack methods, stand in the middle of the mushroom in the south of the cave to eliminate the Tree Spirit and not take injury from it.


If the Tree Spirit is not destroyed quickly enough, it will disintegrate and you'll need chop the tree a second time in order to restart the fight.


After the Tree Spirit has been defeated and you have killed the Tree Spirit, cut the Draman tree in order to take the Dramen branch. Once you have it, flytch the branch to create a Dramen staff. It is suggested to make multiple in case you loose it. Dramen staff.


Return toward the Lumbridge swamp with the Lumbridge lodestone teleport technique. Take a walk to the shed that is north-east of the campsite. With the adventures and outfit the Dramen staff, and then enter the shed in order to be teleported. You will then gain access to the cities of Zanaris. Congratulations!