About Crypto123
Crypto123 is a Crypto based Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos,

About Crypto123

Crypto123 is a Crypto based Social Networking Platform owned by FaxNFT. Crypto123 was founded in 2022 by Surya Chowdhury and CEO of Shine Academy. Our new feature allows users to wonder about posts, photos, and videos. In Crypto123, you can Sell your products and share your feelings on social platforms. Each registered user has a personal profile that shows their posts and content.

You can access the site from any kind of device, for example, Mobile phones, Tablets, and Personal PCs with Internet access can access Crypto123. After registration, it is possible to establish user profiles that include private information. They can exchange text, images, videos, and other types of media with anyone they have designated as a "friend," as well as, depending on the privacy settings, with the general public. Users can also directly communicate with one another via Crypto123 chat, join communities of interest, and get alerts about the activities of their Crypto123 friends and the pages they follow. You can also read and write blogs and forums and can be able to publish job posts.

Crypto123 is a safe social platform according to content privacy, human rights and etc. In Crypto123, any registered and verified user can create groups according to their perspectives. So some rules may follow for this.


Groups of people are more powerful than individuals, and every one of us contributes significantly to developing a civil and safe neighborhood. As a result, we've included specific guidelines for us to abide by on this platform:


  • Let's honor the elements that knit us together.
  • Let's decide to interact with one another more like neighbors than strangers.
  • Let's value individuality and embrace people with various origins and viewpoints.
  • Assume everyone means well.
  • Keep communication with each other like friends, family, colleagues, and so on. 


Earn money by using Crypto123.com; you can earn cryptocurrency with every single action on the site. Create a post, Jobs, and discussions with each other and make some bucks. 


Crypto123.com ensures everyone's safety and has a positive impact. To help you connect and communicate safely, we delete offensive content and cut down on false information.


Crypto123 has several fully-secured features. We provide several security tools, like two-factor authentication and login notifications, to help secure your account further. Your security settings can be updated and reviewed at any time.  If you use this platform, it feels like something advanced.